On December 19, 1996 at 4.30 (Moscow Time) passed away the famous scientist (Nuclear Physics, Chemical Physics, Physics of High Density of Matter and Radiation et cet.), and Scientific Head of Nuclear Weapon programs of the country Academician Yuly Borisovich Khariton. He aged 92.

He began his research career as experimentalist in Chemical Physics studying combustion and explosion effects. In 1926 - 1928 Yu.B.Khariton studied and worked in E.Rutherford's Laboratory in Cambridge (UK). From beginning of the forties Yu.B.Khariton made the break-through works on Nuclear Fission possibilities. From 1946 he for near half a century has been Scientific Head of Research, Creating and Testing Programs of Nuclear Weapon of this country. All this time he was Scientific Head of the celebrated center of these programs - Russian Federal Nuclear Center "All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics" (formerly KB-11, Arzamas-16).

He was the last person who had had the title of Hero of Socialist Labour conferred three times.