The Prize named in honour of V.Veksler

is given once in 3 years on March 4, begining from 1994,  for the best works on accelerators physics

Was awarded:
2003 Corresponding Member of RAS G.N.Kulipanov for
2000 Corresponding Member of RAS V.V.Vladimirsky for outstanding works in Accelerator Physics
1997 Academician A.Baldin for works dedicated to creation and development of accelerator complex "Syncrophasotron-Nuclotron" in Dubna.
1994 Prof. A.Lebedev for the set of works on Accelerators Physics and Technology

Before 1993 there existed the Gold Medal named in honour of V.Veksler.
Was awarded:
1991 Academician A.Skrinsky for cycle of works on Accelerators Physics