The Prize named in honour of  I.Tamm

is given once in 3 years on 8 July, begining from 1995,  for the best works on theoretical physics and particle physics

Were awarded:

2004 Dr.I.M.Dremin for the series of works on "multifractality and correlations in multiparticle production in QCD"
2001 Drs.B.L.Voronov and
for the series of works on the problems of formulating, structure analysis and renormalization in gaoge theories of general character.
1998 Corresponding Member D.A.Kirzhnits and
Dr. G.V.Shpatakovskaya
for the cycle of works "Enhancement of Thomas-Fermi Theory and applications in Atomic Physics and in High Energy Physics"
1995 Prof. I.Batalin and
Prof. G.Vilkovisky
for the cycle of works "The General Theory of Quantization of Gauge systems"
1992 Prof. V.Petviashvili for set of works "The Turbulence and Current Vortical Structures in Plasma"
1989 Prof. Yu.Gol`fand and
Dr. E.Lihtman
for cycle of works "Expansion of Poincare Group Generators Algebra"