The Prize named in honour of P.A.Cherenkov

is given once in 3 years, begining from 1996,  for the best works on experimental high energy physics

Was awarded:

2004 - year of centenary
of P.A.Cherenkov
2002 Corresponding Member of RAS S.P.Denisov for development and construction of the precision Cherenkov counters. Discovery of increasing total hadron interaction cross-sections (Serpukhov effect).
1999 Dr.I.E.Tamm for works related to Physical Institute of RAS construction of Accelerator complex at Troitsk and for carring out experiments in high energy physics.
1996 Dr. A.Starobinskiy for the series of works on theory of de-Sitter (inflation) stage in the early Universe and it`s observable manifestations.