The Gold Medal named in honour of L.Landau 

is given once in 5 years on January 22 , begining from 1998,  for outstanding works in the field of theoretical physics including nuclear and particles physics.

2003 Academician L.B.Okun for cycle of works on
1998 Academician S.T.Belyaev for cycle of works on many bodies quantum theory and its applications in liquid Helium superfluidity and in nuclei structure theories

Before 1993 there existed L.Landau Prize. The following persons were warded with L.Landau Prize:

1992 Prof. G.Volovik and
Prof. V.Mineev
for cycle of works "Topology, Defects, Superfluidity"
1989 Academician A.Abrikosov,
Academician L.Gor'kov and
Corr.Memb. I.Dzyaloshinsky
for monograph "Methods of Quantum Fields Theory in Statistical Physics"
1986 Prof. B.Shklovsky and
Prof. A.Efros
for set of works "Coulomb Interaction and Transport in Non-Ordered Systems with Localized States"
1983 Prof. A.Patashinsky and
Prof. V.Pokrovsky
for monograph "Fluctuation Theory of Phase Transition"
1980 Corr.Memb. L.Pitaevsky and
Prof. A.Gurevich
for cycle of works "Rarefied Plasma Kinetics"
1977 Academician A.Migdal for set of works on applying of Quantum Fields Theory methods in Many Bodies Problem and Theory of Nuclei.
1974 Dr. Belinsky,
Corr.Memb. L.Lifshits
and Corr.Memb. I.Khalatnikov
for set of works on Singularities in Relativistic Cosmology.
1971 Prof. V.Gribov for cycle of investigations on Complex Moments Theory.