The Gold Medal named in honour of I.Kurchatov

is given once in 5 years on January 12, begining from 1998,  for outstanding works in nuclear physics and nuclear energetics.

2003 academician Yu.A.Trutnev
2000 academician Nikolay Antonovich Dollezhal for outstanding achivments in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Energetics

1998 Prof. A.Ogloblin for cycle of works on structure of light nuclei and their interactions

Before 1993 there existed I.Kurchatov Gold Medal combined with Prize. The following persons were awarded with such award:
1989 academician G.Flerov and
Prof. Yu.Oganesyan
for cycle of works on synthesis and stability of the most heavy elements in intense ion beems.
1986 Corr.Memb. V.Dzhelepov and
Dr. L.Ponomarev
for cycle of works on muon catalysis and mu-mesoatomic processes in hydrogen isotopes.
1983 Dr. V.Mostovoy for cycle of works on neutron spectrometry and fission physics.
1980 Corr.Memb. I.Gurevich and
Dr. B.Nikolsky
for cycle of works on investigation of matter with positive muons.
1977 academician Ya.Zeldovich and
Corr.Memb. F.Shapiro
for prediction of characteristics of ultracold neutrons, their detection and investigation.
1974 academician Yu.Khariton and
Prof. S.Feinberg
for investigations in sphere of atomic energetics.
1971 academician I.Kikoin for investigations in sphere of atomic technology.
1968 academician A.Aleksandrov for cycle of works in sphere of nuclear energetics.
1965 Dr. Yu.Prokoshkin and
A.Dunaitsev, V.Petrukhin, V.Rycalin
1962 Dr. P.Spivak and Yu.Prokofyev